3 CRAP Traffic Sources!

Ok, over the last few years I have been involved in. and tried many courses to make money online. One thing you need to realise is that without traffic online your business is dead.

e.g. If you have a shop and no potential customers who walk through the door, your not going to make any money right?

Well same thing applies online without traffic (people) coming to your site = no sales/money.

Now i have tried many ways to get traffic online and below is a list of the top 3 worst traffic sources in my experience. I have wasted time experimenting with these sources with no success, so you dont have to!

Here they are :

1. Giveaway events

What is a giveaway event? Basically its an online website catalogue thingy where you submit a free report/ gift mostly in the form of an opt in page so you can build a list. So people come to the site, see a bunch of free gifts, click on the one they like, opt in and download their gift.

Now the main way the actual giveaway event gets loads of traffic to their site is by participants (as in you, the person who submitted their free gift to build a list) to promote the actual giveaway event through an affiliate link. Affiliates who refer more traffic to the site get higher rankings of their free gift in the product listings. Higher you rank, your more likely to be seen, which means more traffic. Giveaway events usually have hundreds if not thousands of participants who submit their free gift so it can be a very crowded place.

Firstly if you submit your free product to the giveaway event and then don’t promote the actual event, don’t expect much traffic. I think the first time when i did this i got about 3 opt ins to my list. This is because your product is so far down the product listing that not many people actually find it. Secondly if you do manage to promote the event, in turn you will get higher rankings in the product listings and the potential to get more traffic. The second  time i tried this strategy and promoted the event as much as i could, i ended up with about 130 subscribers or so. Which isnt too bad i guess, but the amount of time i spent promoting the actual event, i could have instead just promoted my own squeeze page.

You need to understand that thousands of other marketers submit their free products too. So when you do promote the event, the traffic that you send to the event end up opting into various other free gifts from other marketers. Which means their email inbox is full of emails from multiple lists that they signed up for and eventually gets full of junk. So when you DO end up mailing your subscribers that you built using this method its harder to get noticed as there inbox is full of emails from many different marketers. So yes you do get traffic if you do it properly, but after all the subscribers you do get on your list are low quality and very unresponsive.. Its all about quality over quantity when getting traffic or building a list. I’ll make another blog post about this topic soon too.

2. Safelists

A safelist is a mailing list where multiple people can use this list as their own. But as this list is used by a whole community you will also get all the emails sent to this list by everyone else too.

The way it works is by gaining credits which you can then use to mail the safelist. The way you actually gain credits is by clicking on the links in other peoples emails which are sent to you.

Why do i think this is also a crap traffic source. Firstly is because it is very time consuming to actually gain the credits you need so you can send a mailing to the list. Secondly when you do eventually gain enough credits to email the safelist, the response rate is very very low. More importantly the sales rate in my experience has always been 0. The reason why? The inboxes of the people who are in this list are normally full with thousands of emails. People who use safelists want 2 things, account credits and/or just free stuff. So in essence you might get some traffic to your page and some subscribers, but they will be unresponsive freebie/ credit seekers who have no interest in what you have to offer.

3. “10,000 hits for $10”

If you have been looking for various ways to get traffic you have probably come across many companies and websites who will sell you a large number of hits at a very low cost.

People think wowww i can get 10,000 visitors to my site for only $10! The truth is the quality of these hits are as you might of guessed, CRAP. In most cases these companies sell these hits which are done by robots. So basically a robotic software will click on your link or go to your website again and again until it reaches the number of hits you purchased. Your paying for robot traffic! Last time i checked robots didn’t know how to opt in my page and robots don’t buy anything, which doesn’t make me any money. Stay away from sites like these, absolute waste of money,

Avoid the top 3 CRAP traffic strategies above! Most of the time you will get very poor results. Unless you like wasting time, money and spinning your wheels trying to make them work.

P.S. Have you used any of the traffic strategies above? what has your experience been with them? Do you agree or disagree? Post your comments BELOW and let me know.


  • Nigel Griffiths

    Reply Reply March 6, 2014

    Hi Raj,
    I enjoyed your post & was more interesting as I am glad to say that I have never tried any of these….& am not about to start given your ‘review’.
    The one thing I sussed quite a while ago is that if you want good traffic (when you start), you have to potentially pay for it…whether Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube….it is just something that you need to do!
    ‘Free Traffic’ i.e. Google page 1 is anything but Free !! I cannot even estimate how much money I have spent on backlinks, likes etc etc to get to page 1….& doing that is definitely not free! & then like I found out last week, there is no guarantee that is where you are going to stay (1 site that had #2 & #4 for similar keywords dropped to 200 & is still bouncing about there….for no reason!).
    The art of doing paid traffic is testing & testing again….it takes time & money but if you can find the formula where outgoings are less than income then you are on the right track….then test some more!
    I assume this will be similar in what we are embarking on! where we may have to pay money in order to drive traffic to our blogs & get subscribers…
    Cheers Raj!

    • Super-RAJ

      Reply Reply March 6, 2014

      Glad you liked it Nigel.

      Your right good quality traffic costs money. Thing is about paid traffic alot of people try it, dont make a profit then say paid traffic doesn’t work. The KEY to paid traffic is to TEST TEST TEST only then will you find the right formula. People SIMPLY DONT TEST enough with paid traffic to be profitable with it.

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