Wassssupppp! My fellow Super’s 🙂

About me, well, my background is in IT and computing. I studied Computing, and graduated from university in 2011.

Then after months searching for a job, I then started to work for a small family owned business in IT and Marketing related to e-commerce.

After I started my first proper job after university I realised that working for somebody else for the rest of my life is NOT what I want to do.

My salary was minimum wage my manager wasn’t the best person to work for, to put it nicely.

Having a J.O.B was being (J)ust (O)ver (B)roke

I had enough money to live and pay for my general expenses, but couldn’t save enough every month to do the things I really want to do in life.

I know exactly what I want, I want to work for myself!

Run my own business. I don’t want a boss telling me what to do, telling me when to come to work, how long to work for, when I can have a break, how much I get paid etc.

Me working for myself would mean I would be my own boss, be able to become financially stable and would be able to determine my own destiny.

I want to live on my own terms, I want the freedom and the only way to get there was by working for myself and building my own business.

I actually discovered the IDEA of running a online business back in 2006 while surfing the interwebs.

The IDEA of working for myself, from home, with a web based online business was amazing!

Since then I was hooked on this idea. I spent 5 years dabbling in internet marketing buying product after product, opportunity after opportunity which promised to show me the way to online fortunes with NO SUCCESS.

I spent countless hours researching, learning and absorbing content from all over the web. I tried many things, from adsence, CPA marketing, affiliate marketing, MLM, ebay, amazon, etc. You name it i’ve probably tried it.

I just couldn’t make money like all these courses promised me, I was well and truly frustrated and became a victim of information overload. I was following too many courses and strategies, getting pitched new products day after day via email, I didn’t know what to do, who to trust and what methods would actually work.

I invested thousands of pounds in various online courses, ebooks and programs about making money online all while getting myself into massive debt in the process.

I started to question the whole idea of making money online. Is it all just a SCAM? Deep down I knew amongst all the scams and get rich quick programs there were strategies and people who were teaching how to build a successful web business online. So although I failed time and time again, purchased programs which didn’t work, I still continued my search.

I knew it was POSSIBLE, I just didn’t know how?

Years passed by, still with no real success, I made the odd dollar here and there of probably a total of $200 for years of work, not the internet dream.

Then in 2014 I decided to invest into a mentor. Someone who I could trust who is making a full time living from the internet, and has taught other students to success.

He would teach us a proven business model that he himself is using, step by step. Every detail covered, from start to finish. And if I had any problems along the way I could just get in touch and get HELP. I believe having a mentor who has already achieved what you want to achieve to teach you step by step is vitally important to being successful online.

I got serious
I got committed
I had the plan
I had the mentor

Only I am responsible for my future, only i can change my life so…
I will take action…
Stay focused…
Stay motivated…
Stick to the plan
Be consistent and persistent
Overcome all hurdles
Never give up
Success is albeit inevitable


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