Not Another Push Button Traffic 3.0 Software Review

push 3 buttons


And boom cashola in your account!

How many times would you click the magic push button?

Unlimited times right!

sounds hypey?

There is nothing online where you can just click a magic button and crisp dollar bills come flying out of your computer screen

It just doesn’t exist

So what is this Push Button Traffic 3.0 Software?

You have landed on the right page, I’m going to give you the honest review of this software

Without the hype

I agree the name is hypey

I also think parts of the sales page is hypey too

So I can understand how people would get put off by this


cutting through the hype like a knife through butter

I want to tell you exactly what this is all about:

So basically its a online web based software that allows you to tap into hoards of traffic from social media

You basically link all your social media accounts inside the software

and from inside the software you can post videos, images And text To 10 over 10 different social media accounts

You can include your affiliate link if your doing affiliate marketing

You can include a link to your ecom store

Your own products

Basically anywhere you want to send mega traffic to



Doing this manually would take ages

So this software allows you to do this yes “push button style”

That truly is push button getting your link, image, video etc out there in a BIG way

So in a way it is REALLY PUSH BUTTON but in terms of getting traffic

AND yes if your promoting something good you will in turn make sales etc so indirectly yes push button traffic and money


So is it any good!

Well YES! it does exactly what it says on the tin push button traffic


Where does it fall down?

2 areas:

You need to have followings on your social media accounts

Also you need to be selling something to actually make commissions

But inside push button traffic 3.0 your not just getting this cool software your getting training on how to really maximise your success with the software

So your angles are covered


Are there any upsells?

YES! This is marketing after all

Here is a rundown on exactly what each upsell is all about:

OTO 1: Push Button Traffic 3.0 – Elite Edition – $37

The elite edition includes 2 additional social sharing sites including the ability to also post and source images from Pixabay and also includes additional video training and bonuses.

OTO 2: Push Button Traffic 3.0 – Automation Edition – $37

This upgrades gives your customers 5 additional accounts aswell as the instructions on how they can automate the entire push button traffic 3.0 software.

OTO 3: Push Button Traffic 3.0 – Done For You Setup Edition – $197

We setup a proven sales funnel for your customer so can they build a list and start making consistent sales online.

OTO 4: Push Button Traffic 3.0 – 500K Affiliate Edition – $37

We give your customers a 4 module, 20 video training program, with cheat sheets, case studies and templates showing them how we made more than $500k in affiliate commissions online and how they can use our strategies to start earning at least $200 daily…

OTO 5: Push Button Traffic 3.0 – Reseller Edition – $97

Reseller licence to sell unlimited copies of the Push Button Traffic 3.0 software and keep 100% of the profits on all the products. It also includes additional traffic training to help them sell Push Button Traffic 3.0.


So there you have it.

You know exactly what this is all about

Obviously to get a full run down on all the ins and out of push button traffic 3.0 click here to see the full features of this software as well as the demo on how it works.



I’m offering BONUS’s to people who want push button traffic 3.0 and get it via me

(yes I will be totally upfront and say I will get a commission, which is why I want to offer a GREAT bonus for this)


BONUS 1 – (Unreleased) Super Affiliate Jackpot 3 (Worth 197)

Anyone who purchases the front end product gets BRAND NEW $5k Per Month Viral System + 37 Free Traffic Sources worth over $397


BONUS 2 – 30 Days EMAIL Consultation with myself (VALUE $497)

Anyone who purchases OTO1 & OTO 2

If you get the front end product plus the oto1 and oto2 you will get 30 days of one on one email consultation with myself. You get to ask anything, ask me to look at anything, advise on anything, its like personal coaching for a month without the price tag. I usually sell this to students for $497

LIMITED to the first 5 PEOPLE only (I cant do this for everyone)

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What to do now?


Step 1Go here and grab your copy of Push Button Traffic 3.0 + the OTO 1 and OTO 2 if you want BONUS 2


Step 2 – Forward your purchase receipt to raj (at) 


Step 3 – Await an email from me with your BONUS details (can take up to 24-48 hours)





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